The passion for drawing started in the childhood. I remember the very first drawing at the age of 7 years of an Elefant, which I filled with grey/black colours. In the evening we had a visitor and my mother showed my scribbled art. I was luckily, he was an expert artist. He observed the art and called me and started praising the shades and shadows. All he said, he might not have meant, but was motivating for a young artist. After living in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for nearly 4 years, my father was posted back to Delhi and I was admitted to Model School, Ludlow Castle, Delhi. I was forcefully put to a Crafts Class as the Music and Arts classes were full. Though I learnt a lot of craftsmanship but always wanted to join the arts class. Luckily we had to complete one project. I completed it but was not satisfied with the results. I painted the surface with small flowers.  

The Craft teacher saw the homework and appreciated the painting. Luckily the arts teacher was passing by and was called in the class. He too appreciated my work. I was allowed to attend his arts class.  

I felt as if a small dream coming true. I could learn a lot in his class. Soon after I joined the senior class and got a new teacher who was great at sketching emotions. I was supposed to fill the Colours and he used to do the fine work. The teamwork was great.  I learnt a lot assisting him. 

Later, I joined College. In the first year I ignored my work but later catched the pace.  I came to Germany for my higher education. Here my arts work was totally ignored. I was getting interested in natural living beauty.  

Couple of years later we went to Ibiza, Spain for holidays and one day it started raining and they silk painting course. I joined it as there was nothing better to do. In the evening I was given the best prize. This was again turning point in my life. I started painting again.